Class 6

The Luminous Poem with Tom Montag


The luminous poem is not about what the poet might feel, but about the thing revealed; not a diary passage, but a journal entry perhaps. It is spare, clear, and loyal to reality; it allows the “ten thousand things” of this world to resonate with each other; it always seeks to let the thing itself shine from within. Poems from Czeslaw Milosz’s international anthology, A Book of Luminous Things, will provide the starting point for this workshop; students do not need to purchase the anthology. Hand-outs will be provided to allow discussion of the various categories Milosz believes luminous poems rise out of: epiphany, nature, the secret of a thing, travel, place, the moment, people among people, situations, the other’s skin, non-attachment, and history. Discussion of a variety of poems will help us to understand Milosz’s categories and to define what makes the luminous poem glow. Finally, participants will write their own luminous poems in each of the categories and will share these with one another in a supportive environment. Poets should arrive for class with their pens and poetry notebooks in hand and be ready to enlarge their sense of what their poems can be. 





When: Monday evenings, 6:45 – 8:46 pm.

6 weeks – Mondays, June 19 – July 31 (no class July 3)

Where: Neenah Public Library, Aylward Room, 2nd floor

        Fee: $150                                                                     Mill members: $135