We will spend the first five weeks talking about the craft, and the art, of fiction writing. I expect the conversation will be lively and entertaining. What we say about fiction writing will be applicable to the writing of short stories, novels, hybrid forms, and to memoir writing, as well. 
The last three weeks, after we’ve had a chance to build familiarity and trust, will be split between continued discussion about craft and workshops devoted to your writing, should you choose to submit it for discussion.  

We will read a short piece of published fiction each week that we will talk about for however long it’s productive. We won’t do a standard kind of literary-critical analysis. We will, instead, come in through the back door, asking questions about craft, about the writer’s choices, decisions, in the making of the piece. We will ask, that is, how it is made, rather than what it’s about. If nothing else, such an approach will make you better and happier (and more impressive) readers. 
Start to finish, the class will be amenable to deviations from plan, and will be informed throughout by ideas and issues you introduce. If I don’t learn from you, if you don’t learn from each other, I will count the class as a failure. 
No experience necessary. I will pitch the class at whatever level seems appropriate and useful. Once I’ve had the chance to see where you are, individually and collectively, I will meet you there. (I trust the class will be of benefit to writers at almost any stage of their development.) 

Class is limited to 15. 






When: Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

8 weeks – Wednesdays, September 20 through November 8

Where: Pizza King at 800 E. Wisconsin Ave in Appleton

        Fee: $200                                                                     Mill members: $180