This first edition of Millwork is comprised of work that was recognized in the Mill’s annual fiction and poetry contest from 2013 to 2016. The contest accepts entries from residents of the Fox Cities and participants in Mill classes.



By Cathryn Cofell

The Mechanic’s Wife

By Kathryn Gahl

A Trip Back Home

By Barbara Germiat

Golden Giants

By Barbara Germiat

The Sweet Reward

By Mary Helen Hynes


By Mary Strong Jackson

Every Day is a Close Call

By Bobbie Lovell


By Meredith Mason

Old Friends

By Meredith Mason

Left Side

By Meredith Mason

The Rhubarb Patch

By Laurel Mills

Me and My Matisse

By John Olski


By Amy Palkovich

Working Nightshift: North Side of Milwaukee

By Amy Palkovich

First Skinning

By Beth Spencer

The Old Man

By Julie Genisot

That Time in Key West

By Anne Glasner


By Patricia Kilday

Bad Apples

By Lisa Gracyalny Strandberg


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