Dear Readers, 

Happy New Year! New, for this, our second issue, we asked authors to include a brief bio.  In addition, because our mission here at Millwork and The Mill is to “support the artistic development of writers, foster a writing community, and build an audience for literature," we also asked the authors to include some words on what their relationship is to writing, what drives them to write, or what advice they would give to emerging writers. We are also very proud to include in this issue several 2017 Mill Prize Winners. We hope to continue to see more submissions in the future and look forward to a bright new year ahead here at Millwork. 


The Editors of Millwork




By Jo Bartels Anderson

Between Us, the Moon

By KB Ballentine

Final Jeopardy

By Kevin Brown

This Grave Business

By Lois Marie Harrod

At the Ojibwa All-Night Diner

By Fritz Hildebrand

Santa Monica Winds

By John Sierpinski

That’s My Last

By Beth Sherman


By Martin Willitts, Jr.

The Witness Tree

By Laura Winkelspecht


By Michael Hopkins

Don’t Tell

By Keith Manos


By Jo Phillip

Reading to Mother

By James P. Roberts


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