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Maybe you’ve got a story to tell, whether it’s a memoir, a short story or a novel — or maybe you want to write, but you’re short on ideas. This two-hour workshop will kickstart your writing through a number of creative free-writing prompts. These on-the-spot writing sessions can often pull ideas from the murky depths of your imagination, giving you a starting place from which to build a story, develop a narrative thread for your family story, or simply help you get creatively unstuck.

Sat, August 19, 2017 Appleton Public Library
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM 225 North Oneida Street
Meeting Room A
Appleton, WI 54911

Nikki Kallio has an MFA from Goddard College and taught fiction and writing classes at Fox Valley Technical College and Rasmussen College. Her creative work has appeared in several lit journals, and she is the winner of the 2014 Mill Prize for Fiction and the 2015 Wisconsin People and Ideas fiction prize from the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters. She is also a former newspaper journalist, having worked at publications in Wisconsin, Maine and California, and now works as an independent writing & editing professional.

Beginning to End: Introduction to Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction Writing

Do you feel inspired to write a middle grade or young adult novel, but aren’t sure where to start? Writing for children and teens can be a rewarding but daunting challenge. This workshop will cover how to take the plunge. We’ll explore the fundamentals of writing a middle grade or young adult novel—from finding story ideas and creating memorable characters, to generating a plot and learning to love (or at least not hate) the revision process.

Once your novel is finished, the real work begins! Most mainstream publishers no longer accept manuscripts unless they come from a literary agent. Whether you’re submitting your manuscript to an agent or a small press, a polished, professional query letter is an essential tool. We’ll discuss strategies for writing a strong query letter, as well as the importance of self marketing even before you’re published.

It can be done! Agents and small presses sign new, unknown authors every day. Learn what it takes to be one of them.

Sat, August 26, 2017 Appleton Public Library
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM 225 North Oneida Street
Meeting Room A
Appleton, WI 54911

Julie Mata is the author of two middle grade novels, “Kate Walden Directs: Night of the Zombie Chickens,” published by Disney Hyperion in 2014, and the sequel, “Kate Walden Directs: Bride of Slug Man,” published in 2015. She received a B.A. from Oberlin College in English Literature, with a minor in Creative Writing, and a master’s degree from Northwestern University in Broadcast Journalism. She worked for many years as a news reporter in Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota, and as a freelance writer for ad agencies in Arizona. In 2012, Julie acquired a literary agent with Inkell Management. Her agent also successfully sold her books to CBT, a German publisher in the Random House publishing group. Julie’s first book, “Night of the Zombie Chickens,” won an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Library Association, and was published in Germany (her second book, “Bride of Slug Man,” is currently under translation,)

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